Advising Clients Through the Business Lifecycle
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By using the Business Life Cycle as an advisory framework, combined with a genuine desire to help clients succeed, you can build more holistic, enduring, and personally fulfilling client relationships.

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Alliance Resource Member Directory
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The Rainmaker Companies is proud to partner with our Resource Members – organizations dedicated to our mission of helping professional service firms grow. Interested in partnering with The Rainmaker Alliances as a Resource Member or seeing our current Resource Members?

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Anatomy of a Growth Goal

The breakdown of a revenue growth goal can be quite overwhelming but the motivation that it provides to all involved effectively pushes those with the purpose and direction needed to completing its vision. Click here to read the full article.

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Banking Accounting & Audit Update - Brett Schwantes, Wipfli
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During this session attendees will review key accounting and auditing standards, as well as FASB projects that will be impacting the financial institution industry in 2020 and beyond.

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Banking Accounting & Audit Update - Brett Schwantes, Wipfli LLP
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This session reviews key accounting and auditing standards finalized since last year’s conference and discusses FASB projects that may affect the financial institution industry.

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Banking Best Practices Roundtable - Scott Deters, Clark Schaefer Hackett & Co.
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During this session attendees will debrief the Keynote done by Michael Platt and discuss questions that will be provided by Platt for an interactive roundtable session.

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Best Practice… Bank CEO’s Perspective - Joe Brannen, Brian Schmitt, Mike Washburn, & David Wood
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Joe, Brian, Mike, and David share their cumulative 100+ years of experience in banking with the Banking CPAs group. This discussion focuses on how practicing CPAs can better serve their clients as they hear from these leaders in the industry. Bring your questions as this session will be interactive.

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Bring Your Audit Practice into the Future - Steven Menges & Matt West,
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As emerging technology continues to impact audit engagements, firms are responding by leveraging these tools to automate, gain more visibility into data and add higher value to this core service across the profession. New solutions are being developed to include data analytics and artificial intelligence (OnPoint PCR, Dynamic Audit Solution) to open the door for firms of all sizes to enhance their value and processes around assurance services.

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Building Relationships with Benefits

People do business with people they like and trust; building intimate relationships that are beneficial to your practice rarely comes through chance meetings that have no follow up or follow through. Read about how to build these relationships here.

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CECL Implementation: Moving Forward - Christopher Cryderman, FASB
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Since the FASB issued its credit losses standard in 2016, the Current Expected Credit Losses model—also known as “CECL”—has been the focus of preparers and practitioners from firms of all sizes. But how will it impact you? In this session, the FASB staff will discuss an overview of CECL and explain what you can do to prepare for a successful implementation. The session will conclude with an outline of available FASB implementation resources and how you can get your questions answered.

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